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Children teenager starts to play skateboard good? Aug 29, 2016

Children teenager starts to play skateboard good?

A lot of people think is not suitable for children under 8 years old practicing skateboarding, because younger children by their physical and response capability is little mature, easy to learn skateboarding injuries.

If the child is below the age of 2 had better buy that doll riding a tricycle or child bikes; 2, then as soon as baby can balance good scooters are trivial. Buy the best Scooter is a three-roller cart, because, after all, a child young, are good at all aspects. Three-roller skating coaches are easier to balance.

If the child is 3~7sui whether to practice skateboarding? In fact, the answer is Yes, skating does not require a great deal of support, is good 3-7 children to practice skateboarding. Practicing skateboarding needs the most two is balance and coordination skills, and both are made by the brain and peripheral nervous system are completed. The organs of the nervous system is the fastest human development first, neonatal brain weighs about 350 grams, after rapid growth, 7~8sui close to the adult level.