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How to choose children's Scooter? Parents buying scooters take Aug 29, 2016

How to choose children's Scooter? Children's scooters as a common means of toys, many kinds, including scooter three wheel, Scooter two wheels, and so on, so parents for their child when purchasing children's Scooter, need to pay attention whether or not suitable for children, so as to avoid the danger.

How to choose children's scooters

Scooter is a tool to exercise children's balance, but also made the children happy. So many parents were willing to pay for their children to buy a scooter, also want to buy a car for the kids the best of scooter. So what should parents give their children a choice?

Exercise requirements

Two hand handlebar, caught can, without too tight, to handlebar back and forth mobile adjustment direction; a only feet station in car Board Shang, another a only feet in ground forced backward pedal, stay car go up Hou, in ground glide of feet lift up or put in car Board Shang; pedal of frequency more fast, and effort more big, car go have on more fast; if wants to let car stopped to, glide of that only feet slowly stepped on brake, bus stopped to rear can landing.