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Scooter, fold up the wonderful Aug 29, 2016

Scooter through the oak surface of plastic wheels, carbon composites to surface abrasion resistance to today's electric scooter. If not in competitive play, General transportation use an ordinary skateboards definitely inappropriate. Normal slow speed skateboard on the one hand, is not conducive to use when commuting or working, on the ordinary skateboards learning difficulties likely to cause danger or accidentally falling. In that case, need transportation to and from work every day, like small, desperately needs an electric cars suitable for short-distance travel.

Electric scooters are battery placed on the market under the pedals, result in narrow. In this way, riding a pedestrian stands must be left before and after intercourse, ride time is too hard. And next to no support, in case of insufficient power or motor failure, can easily ride down pedestrians to avoid unnecessary damage. El power with this in mind, z scooter manufacture has two small wings, namely Scrubs small pedal for design breaks down both sides of the body. Keep positive benefit is riding a pedestrian standing position, do not get tired. Z3 battery pack in bodywork lever the front, place the Z5 bodywork joints, are effective at improving the flexibility of electric vehicles. Battery DIY replacement, simple steps, even rode away without fear, and battery life is also important.