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Micro Scooter

TINGJIN offers various Micro scooters including: Micro Maxi scooter T-Bar, Micro Mini push scooter, Micro Mini 2 Go scooter and 4 in 1 Micro kick scooter .
TINGJIN - Professional micro scooter manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing wholesale and customized services. Welcome to import top quality micro scooter in stock here from our factory.
Lightweight and convenient,small size and easy to fold.
Promote the healthy development of your child and strengthen your child's bones.
Fashionable and fun, changing gameplay can promote the development of children's intelligence.
Exercise children's coordination skills to help shape a beautiful body.
The appropriate gear ratio can be adjusted according to age and system.
  • Micro Maxi Scooter T-bar

    Micro Maxi Scooter T-bar

    Micro maxi scooter T-bar is an adjustable handlebar for children over 3 years old, which means the scooter will grow with your child and we know that the scooter will be part of your family. Its design and construction have excellent durability and are a must for kids of this...

  • Micro Mini Push Scooter

    Micro Mini Push Scooter

    Micro mini push scooter is the perfect choice for preschoolers and kindergartens. The uniqueness of the Mini's design is the lean steering design, which means that children can lean on their left and right, intuitively learning to turn, and develop balance and coordination in...

  • Micro Mini 2 Go Scooter

    Micro Mini 2 Go Scooter

    Whether you are playing in the game room or in the park, your child will love to play micro mini 2 go scooter, designed to carry his or her most precious items. The intuitive tilt (weight distribution) steering style helps to establish balance and coordination skills.

  • 4 in 1 Micro Kick Scooter

    4 in 1 Micro Kick Scooter

    4 in 1 micro kick scooter develops children's coordination and balance skills! Designed to grow with your child, riding can be driven by mom or dad. The high rebound PU wheel allows your baby to roll smoothly.