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3 And A Half They Can Only Play Scooter Aug 29, 2016

Scooters and in-line skating, and exercise your baby's sense of balance, agility and coordination. The difference is, skating legs to maintain balance, while the scooter is balancing on two hands, body, waist, arms and legs whole.

Exercise requirements

Two hand handlebar, caught can, without too tight, to handlebar back and forth mobile adjustment direction; a only feet station in car Board Shang, another a only feet in ground forced backward pedal, stay car go up Hou, in ground glide of feet lift up or put in car Board Shang; pedal of frequency more fast, and effort more big, car go have on more fast; if wants to let car stopped to, glide of that only feet slowly stepped on brake, bus stopped to rear can landing.

Age: more than three and a half years old

More than three and a half years old kids can learn scooters, before school, preferably with experience riding a tricycle, this allows baby to master the skill of the handlebar controls vehicle steering; after a child is using a scooter, baby can quickly master a bike sliding method, to riding two-wheeled bikes.