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Kick Scooter Dexterity Oct 16, 2017

Kick Scooter Dexterity

After years of inheritance innovation, the current scooter movement has developed into a full test of people balance, dexterity, skill of the high physical requirements of sports. And in order to be able to kick the scooter to make another difficult action, professional scooter athletes are inevitably going through hard training, they also used some unusual training methods to maintain their physical condition The

World famous scooter master Bob Bernanquist on their own to create a unique set of training and lifestyle, the secret is the appropriate fitness training, to maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. "I'm very careful about the diet," said Bernstein, "to make sure that every food I eat is good for the body, and I drink plenty of water every day, and the water is the least afraid of eating too much."

Scooter is a very high physical fitness requirements of the movement, especially for human balance, coordination and dexterity is a test. In order to make their bodies better suited to "live on board", the world's top scooters, including Bernstein, have used a fitness device called "Indian Plate" to train The This "India board" is actually very simple, that is, a cylindrical wheel mounted on a flat, through the training in the above, people can improve their balance, and can fully exercise the muscles to maintain the stability of the body Sex.

For the kick scooter master, maintaining weight is an important part of the body volume and weight over the General Assembly seriously affect their dexterity. Bernstein's method is to use the weight of light to carry out the strength of practice, and in the home gym training, Bernan Qwest himself invented in the "Indian plate" on the squat, abdominal training, and even play Solid ball. When the "down-to-earth" standing on the ground training, Bernstein is usually practicing yoga to improve their flexibility and dexterity. In aerobic training, he often uses indoor bicycles, which can effectively protect his knee.

"The above training is best to cross," Bernstein said, "You have to find yourself the most appropriate and most interesting way to make the training interesting." Born in Brazil, He has been living in California for several years, and he is so embarrassed to fall in love with the local people. "It's a tedious aerobics." With the popularity of extreme sports, Many young people join the so-called extreme supreme kicking scooter movement. As the scooter has a strong ornamental and easy to learn the characteristics of many enthusiasts eager. The first thing to do is to choose the board. Kick scooters are generally by the board, kick scooter bracket, kick the wheel as the main component, is also a higher cost part of the good kick scooters generally need to configure their own. There are other accessories such as bearings, sandals, screws and other small objects.

1, board (board)

Kick the scooter board surface, generally based on five, seven, nine maple board made of microwave cold. There are also aluminum, carbon fiber and other materials made of the board. Now the board, board and board tail are cocked. 22cm above the board, basically can be regarded as U pool surface, and its board to accommodate the soles of the place more to make it more stable in the U pool. 19cm or so of the board, mostly in the flat road conditions used in the board, sub-board with a small wheel, the action to be flexible and fast. In addition, different companies of the board, the depth of the nest is not the same. Some skateboarders like the foot of the deep board, so that more convenient to make and flap-related action, do OLLIE more stable.