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Kick Scooter Purchase Guide Sep 12, 2017

Kick Scooter Purchase guide

Kick the scooter purchase guide With the popularity of extreme sports promotion, more and more young people joined the so-called extreme supreme kicking scooter movement. As the scooter has a strong ornamental and easy to learn the characteristics of many enthusiasts eager. The first thing to do is to choose the board. Kick scooters are generally by the board, kick scooter bracket, kick the wheel as the main component, is also a higher cost part of the good kick scooters generally need to configure their own. There are other accessories such as bearings, sandals, screws and other small objects.

        Kick the length of the scooter

        The right scooter length depends on your way of skiing, height and weight, most people need to kick the scooter should reach his chin or lips near. Snow or scooter scooter to be longer; freestyle or pattern skidders shorter; skimy skiers can be slightly longer, harder board; the same, slightly thin skiers available short, soft texture Some of the board.

        Board width

        Width is another very important factor in the selection of veneer, especially when you are a female, or those who are big or very small feet. Women and small men need to use a narrow kick scooter, foot big men need to kick a scooter. The basic principle is that when you stand on a scooter, your boots should be flush or slightly over the edge.

        What size should I buy a scooter?

        To find the length of the board that suits you, compare the board to your height. Hand kick the scooter back, short kick scooter should reach your neckline and chin. Because the shorter kick scooters easier to manipulate, so for beginners and like to play tricks, pipe skiing is more appropriate; long kick scooter to control the length of the head to the top of the head a few centimeters long. Long scooters suitable for high-speed cut, deep snow and mountain terrain.

        Some of the skiers have to follow these rules, but they should find a harder scooter, and some of the skiers are looking for some scooters. Also, remember that these general rules are only for beginners, personal preferences will also affect your choice of kick scooter length.

        At present, there is also a special board to cater to women's car market. These boards are narrow, have a soft elastic band, suitable for small feet, lighter weight of the skiers.


        Once you have determined which board to choose, the next step is to choose a good reputation, specializing in the production of ski veneer equipment manufacturers.

        Kick the scooter to see 6 points


        Children playing the scooter car, the most contact with the foot is the pedal. So the pedal is more critical, it is best to choose a frosted mat above the scooter scooter car, so you can avoid playing in the process of slipping to protect the child's personal safety. But also have excellent bearing capacity, or adults will be bent on the moment will bend, pedal bending will affect the whole structure of the scooter, not only can not let the children play handy also dangerous, and the general safety pedal can be Bear the weight of 110 kg.