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Kids Scooter A Full Test Of People Balance Aug 31, 2017

Kids Scooter A full test of people balance

Skateboarding little knowledge

        Speaking of the origin of skateboarding, which dates back to the last century 50's, a group of young people who love surfing on the land to experience the same kind of feeling of the sea, the skateboarding was born. The earliest skateboard is the roller skates tied to the board, to see who can stay in the skateboard for the longest time.

        After years of heritage innovation, the current skateboarding movement has developed into a full test of people balance, dexterity, skill of the high physical requirements of sports. And in order to be able to make a difficult action on the skateboard, professional skateboarders are inevitably going through hard training, they also use some unusual training methods to maintain their physical condition.

        The world famous skateboarder Bob Burnen has created a unique set of training and lifestyle, the mystery is appropriate fitness training, to maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. "I am very careful about the diet," said Bernstein, "to make sure that every food I eat is good for the body, and I drink plenty of water every day, and the water is the least afraid of getting too much.

        Skateboarding is a very high physical fitness requirements, especially for human balance, coordination and dexterity is a test. In order to make their own body to better adapt to the "board life", including the Bernequist, including the world skateboarders are mostly used a known as the "Indian plate" fitness device to carry out training. This "India board" is actually very simple, is a cylindrical wheel mounted on a flat, through the training in the above, people can improve their ability to balance, and can fully exercise the muscles to maintain the stability of the body Sex. For skateboarders, maintaining weight is an important part of the body volume and weight of the General Assembly seriously affect their dexterity. Bernstein's method is to use the weight of light to carry out the strength of practice, and in the home gym training, Bernard Qwest himself invented in the "Indian plate" on the squat, abdominal training, and even play Solid ball.