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Multi Scooter Coordination Sep 29, 2017

Multi Scooter Coordination

Multi-functional scooter and roller skating, can exercise the baby's sense of balance, sensitivity and coordination. The difference is that the roller skating more than the limbs to maintain balance, and multi-function scooters rely on two hands to grasp the balance, the body, waist, arms and legs with the overall.

Movement requirements

Both hands on the car plate, the other foot on the ground forced backwards, waiting for the car to go up after the ground on the ground, the car can not move too tight, so that the handlebar to move back and forth to adjust the direction; The faster the car, the faster the car, the faster the car, the faster the car; if you want the car to stop, slide the foot slowly on the brakes, waiting for the car to stop Behind the floor.

Adaptation age: over three years old

More than three years old children can learn multi-functional scooter, before learning, it is best to ride tricycle experience, which is easy for the baby to master the handlebar skills to control the car steering; children use multi-purpose scooter, the baby will soon be able to master The bike taxi method helps to ride two wheels of bicycles in the future.


Handle the height to be slightly lower with the child's chest, conducive to the baby grip, too high baby is not conducive to control the handlebar, too low to use will feel tired.

Usually, the handlebar and the body into a vertical direction, only in the corner when only twist the handlebar, if the handlebar is always left or right, the car will circle in a direction, the baby is easy to wrestling. Of course, easy to fall with the size of the wheel, the use of materials is also related to the wheels and the material is more soft, the greater the role of the buffer, encountered a small groove or uneven road safety.

Choose a relatively small place, the ground is relatively flat, preferably asphalt or cement pavement, not in the smooth marble floor to do the sport; speed should be moderate.

Multi-functional scooter popular in Japan, Southeast Asia, from its easy to learn, as long as a minute can learn, ten minutes will be able to make some tricks. Therefore, the multi-functional scooter heat wave gradually landing the domestic market. "Multi-functional scooter" is very light, the weight is generally below 3kg, stored for the folded state, with 30 seconds to expand or stack.

Multi-function scooter as a result of moderate speed, easy to learn easy to operate, there are brakes (step back wheel brake), if only the usual step, general entertainment, under normal circumstances is not easy to fall. So it is suitable for the use of a variety of age, especially in the young people is letting people put it down to have a proud. Multi-functional scooters on the young people are developing a balanced system is a good exercise effect.

Multi-functional scooter origin: the origin of multi-functional scooter In 1993, a German engineer named Sieghartstxaka to solve their own traffic problems, the two multi-functional skateboard wheels mounted on an aluminum sheet, and then a telescopic metal Handrails are added to the multi-function scooter. He used a few months to improve it, the daily set him to the train station to work. At the beginning of his work, he was despised by everyone - including passers-by and his colleagues. But it was not long before an investor came to the door, and he thought that the hand-held multi-functional scooter had a very good market opportunity. He is willing to invest in the production of this "great invention". So, a few years ago, multi-purpose scooter swept Europe and the United States, 5 years later, came to China.