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Scooter-age, You Want To Play In The Prevention Of Children Accidental Injury Aug 29, 2016

Scooters more loved by children, but according to the State administration of quality supervision monitoring data show, Scooter-related injuries have occurred in recent years. Experts say, Scooter can be divided into "aged"-3 years children playing scooter and scooter for children over 3 years old. Quality and technology supervision departments warned that people should exercise caution when choosing a scooter, children should wear protective gear in case of accidents.

Purchase children skateboard front, to check about whether welding firm and above whether exists and children finger almost of holes, and caught and whether has highlight of rod pieces or pointed angle,; to check about folding at, location whether exists easy clip injury children of gap and metal parts Shang whether has sharp of edge, and tip,; to attention whether has brake device, and view handlebar Shang of put sets whether by elastic material made and should has expanded of tail end; to check put State tube and put cross tube of length regulation device whether can lock tight, And put State tube Shang whether has minimum insert depth of permanent mark; check pedal Shang whether take has anti-sliding measures, as anti-sliding posted, and anti-sliding texture,; check children skateboard car Shang using of fittings and Qian wheels of diameter, to note put State tube diameter should is greater than 40mm, Qian wheels diameter should is greater than 120mm; check above whether exists small parts, so as not to children eating.