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Summer Hot Scooter Inventory Aug 29, 2016

Scooter movement, is love of sport for children and youth, slide scooters can not only improve young people's balance and muscle endurance, can also improve brain development in children. Jdbug (Ba Ke Jie) as originator of the metal aluminum scooters, aimed at different age groups of children need to be developed for infants, children and adolescents scooter products, at the end of summer vacation, Jdbug flag drop cart selling degrees hot, become worthy of the "best Chinese children with hands".

Jdbug has participated in the Beijing fair, Shanghai baby and Chengdu International exhibition and baby care Expo, within a short time of less than two months of continuous participation in three major exhibitions also marked the coming of Jdbug peak sales. The show, Jdbug stop combined with a variety of online and offline activities to attract consumers, coupled with the publicity before the show, is very popular.

Each exhibition TC60 scarab beetle always the best to play with children, try out an endless stream of baby. Real insect-like shapes let baby see love, hands and knees can twist easily, whether home or outdoors are great to essential entertainment, Expo 2015 Beijing booked the number hit a record high.